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In addition to investing in technological equipment, TAN TAO HOSPITAL also pays attention to the space and treatment conditions through inpatient treatment services in the model of Hospitality, bringing comfort, comfort and satisfaction for patients and their families.

The inpatient departments are arranged by specialty, from the 5th floor to the 9th floor of the hospital, with a total of 250 beds. The system of inpatient treatment rooms is divided into many types (Rooms with 1 bed, 2 beds, 3 beds, 4 beds and 7 beds), to meet the different needs of patients and their relatives.

Patients will really feel comfortable with beds that can be adjusted to any position, medical staff bells, bedside cabinets, televisions and refrigerators equipped in all rooms. In addition, each room has a separate bathroom, toilet with hand basin and shower with adjustable hot and cold water temperature.

Some other services:

The patient’s clothes are distributed and changed every morning.

Free wifi and drinking water are available throughout the hospital.

Patients and family members in need can receive free boiling water at the 11th floor canteen.

The hair-washing – facial massage room on the 9th floor provides services not only for patients but also for family members when they come to take care of them at TAN TAO HOSPITAL.

Each caregiver is provided with 1 folding bed/patient, used from 8 pm to 6 am the next morning. In addition, the VIP room is fully equipped with medical facilities (oxygen system, suction machine, light source) to support the process of monitoring and treating patients.

TAN TAO HOSPITAL is a hospital that always puts hygiene standards first, with a team of housekeepers and cleaners constantly cleaning every m2 of floors, elevators, stairs, rooms … to reduce infection. to a minimum for patients, family members and staff.

Choosing a hospital room depends on the needs of the client, the doctor’s diagnosis, gender and medical condition (if necessary). Before being admitted to the hospital for treatment, the medical staff of each department will be responsible for providing detailed advice and guidance on procedures

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